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Happy Thanksgiving !! - My Life
November 24th, 2005
09:41 am


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Happy Thanksgiving !!
Hey ya all I know I havent written in the longest time. I will try to keep up more, however my life isnt all that interseting right now. I first want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.Um I am going to my sister's for thanksgiving. Well lets go back with my birthday. !! Wow what I time we all had, There was no one really at the bars well it being a wednesday night, but thats cool cuz we had a place all to ourselfs and had a blast. Then Halloween came, and wow I finally dressed up this year and we did the bar crawl. We met some great guys but they turned out to be real tools after we really got to know them. Nicki and I have nothing but fun when we are together.Lets see then Nov 1-5 finally rolled around. That whole week I really dont remmeber till the 3rd cuz we were running around tryin to get everything set and done for my sisters wedding. Then the 4th was finally here. Wow her wedding was amazing. It was something out of a story book or marthas book. We had so much fun. My sister and I are getting a ton closer now. I think its that age gap when your younger that its hard to be close so when you get older it really doesnt matter.Um so then I house sitted for 2 weeks while they were on their honeymoon, that was nice to have there house to myself. I wish though sean and I were still together cuz we had so many plans and what not. Not to mention he was suppost to be my date, but Cilla and Nicki were ton times better, sides I wouldnt of been able to dance with Eric, Yep Eric Holland, I finally got too and I got a picture of it. I also danced with Joe too, then we went back to the suite(jill and micahs) and Andy orderd porn and we all drank in there and watched it and talked till 330am. IT was great.
Lets see that basically brings us back to today now.
Work is still work, I got to manage last week sunday so that was interesting.I hate getting all this responibily sometimes, oh well. I will write more about that later, dont want to ruin the day.

Well hope you all enjoyed the update finally and that you all have a great Holiday,Eat lots of Turkey.

Current Mood: thankfulthankful
Current Music: Macy's Day Parade

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