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Day 2 - My Life
January 5th, 2006
01:49 pm


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Day 2
Day 2

So today wasnt as easy as yesterday was. I wish I didnt work at a resturant where the food is always so good. Breakfast wasnt so hard, but when lunch came around really didnt want to eat just Special K cereal.Oh man I wanted eggs and pancakes can bacon. But hey its just all mind over matter. So I had my bowl and added some strawberries and a half of banana. So that kinda made up for it. But when I got home damn those fat free pringles tasted so GOOD.Hey its just the first week thats gonna be hard come to the second and third it will be a cake walk. Saturday will be the real test !! Well I worked out today even though my program said it was a rest day. I didnt want to rest. So I did a little easier workout, also because I was so sore today too. But that just means I am working well. And Hard. And plus I am gonna drink a little too, so I know I needed too and didnt want to feel guilty either.

Day 2:
2 TrimSpa's
Bowl of Special K (165calories)
Skim Milk (98calories)
2 TrimSpa's
10 Strawberries(53calories)
1/2 Banana(67calories)
Bowl of Special K(165caloris)
Skim Milk(98calories)
30 Fat Free Pringles(140calories)
1/2 Sub from Yesterday(465calories)
1.5 Liters of Water
1 Blue Moon Beer Pint (171calories)

Total Calories for the day : 1422

Work out for the day: PS2 Tranier program 45mins

Current Mood: soresore
Current Music: Top 40 hits of 2005

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